Meet the Girls of Dance Moms!

These are the lovely ladies of the original Dance Moms series!

 Brooke Hyland: Brooke is the oldest member of Abby Lee Miller's competition dance team. Brooke has been dancing since a very young age. Her mother, Kelly, used to take dance at Abby's studio, so it's only natural that Brooke would dance there as well! Brooke's specialty is acrobatic numbers, due to her natural flexibility and talent at tumbling. On the show, Brooke comes off as a very calm, collected person, seeing as she remains cool and collected during competitions. During the 2nd season of the show, Brooke left the group briefly to try out for her school's cheerleading team. After making the team, however, Brooke realized that her heart belongs to dance because that's what she was born to do!

Paige Hyland: 
Paige is Brooke's younger sister. Like Brooke, Paige has been dancing for practically her whole life! Paige has a very versatile dance style; she can do just about anything, but she shines the most during high energy numbers! Paige is very close with Chloe, who is also on the show. On the show, Paige is often overlooked by Abby, despite her immense amount of talent. Paige. Paige comes off as a very peppy, upbeat, outgoing girl. She is extremely talented and belongs on stage!
Mackenzie Ziegler: Mackenzie is Abby Lee Miller's youngest member of the competition team. On the first season of the show, Mackenzie acted as though she didn't really want to dance and she was only doing it to be like her big sister Maddie. On the second season, however, Mackenzie came out of her shell, and her love for dance began to shine! Mackenzie, like Brooke, is talented at acrobatic numbers, because she is such a strong tumbler. However, Mackenzie can do just about any dance, despite being only seven! During season two, Mackenzie improved her dancing immensely, and is on her way to becoming a dance sensation, just like her sister!

Maddie Ziegler: Maddie Ziegler is one of the strongest dance members on Abby's team. Maddie is incredibly confident and is a fierce competitor. She rarely loses! Maddie is an incredibly talented dancer with an incredible work ethic! Maddie's love and passion for dance shows in every one of her performances. Abby Lee Miller clearly favorites Maddie out of the group, which can be disheartening for the other girls and their mothers. Because of Abby's favoritism, the show makes it seem like Maddie is cocky and rude, however, this is not the case. Maddie is very confident in her dance abilities, yet, she is incredibly gracious and supportive of all of her teammates. She always congratulates her teammates after their performances and is always there to cheer on her little sister. Maddie is a beautiful dancer and will definitely go far in the dance world!

Nia Frazier: Nia is one of the hardest-working students at Abby's studio. Nia's mother, Holly, is the principal of a school and can't always be at rehearsals for Nia. Despite this, Nia is always at practice, and is always ready to learn. Nia is very strong, and has great stage presence. During one episode, Nia injures her foot, yet still continues to dance in the competition. Like Paige, Nia is often overlooked, despite her talents. One advantage that Nia has over the other girls is her race. Nia, being African-American, can be chosen for ethic roles, while the other girls can't. Nia has an excellent attitude and is an awesome dancer!!!

Chloe Lukasiak: Chloe is my favorite girl on the show! Chloe, like Maddie, is one of Abby's strongest dancers. Chloe is stunning on stage, and is a joy to watch. Chloe is sweet and genuine. She is very close with Paige, as well as Maddie, despite Maddie being Chloe's biggest competition. Chloe usually places just behind Maddie. On stage, Maddie is confident and glowing, while Chloe may sometimes seem unsure of herself. Chloe has amazing turns, and really shines during contemporary lyrical numbers, especially dark ones. Abby appears to be especially hard on Chloe on the show. Even when Chloe becomes the star of the a music video, Abby appears to only be mildly pleased with Chloe's accomplishments. Despite this, Chloe continues to work hard and try to further her dance career!

The next few girls were only part of Abby's team for a short while during the show.

Vivi-Anne Stein: Vivi came to Abby's studio during the first season of the show. Cathy, Vivi's mother, brought Vivi to Abby's studio after hearing about the reputation that Abby has for creating talented, employable dancers. Oddly enough, Cathy owns a dance studio herself, called Candy Apples Dance. After a few performances, it became apparent to Abby that Vivi's heart was not in dance. After a few episodes, Vivi left Abby's and started class at her mother's studio. During both seasons of the show, Cathy and her Candy Apples prove to be the biggest rivals of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Kendall Vertes: During the start of season two, Abby holds open auditions in order to add a new member to the competition team. Kendall is selected to be the newest addition to Abby's girls! Kendall made friends with the girls on Abby's team very quickly, and came off as a polite, sweet girl. Kendall picked up choreographer very quickly, however, her technique was not quite up to the level as some of the other girls. Kendall was not usually given solos, and only really danced in group numbers and trios. Because of this, Kendall's mother, Jill, became upset with Abby. Eventually, Jill and Kendall left Abby's studio, and went to Cathy's studio instead.

Payton Ackerman: Payton was chosen as a member of Abby's team to replace Brooke after she left to try out for cheerleading. Payton did not fit in well with the group, seeing as she towered over all the other girls. After once performace, Payton declared that she thought she was the best dancer out on the stage. Abby was offended by this, and scolded Payton. Later, Payton's mom, Leslie, became angry with Abby for doing so. Eventually, Brooke returns to the group and Payton is dismissed, much to her mother's dismay.